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This makes it a great complement to the insights we gain from . In this blog we explain the opportunities present by in more detail. In a nutshell is a mouse tracking tool that lets you see what your visitors click, how far they scroll, why they convert or don’t convert, and where their mouse moves. Installation Before we go on to explain what analysis options you have in , it’s good to know how to install the program. First you ne to check which subscription you want to cancel: : The basic package is for companies who want to get familiar with conversion optimization. It’s free and you get sessions per day and unlimit heatmaps. You can make recordings per month. : The subscription is everything but just a little bit more.

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Among other things you can start recording when a visitor hits your website and you can also send an unlimit number of surveys. Business ition: The Business ition offers you the possibility to apply filters so that you can more easily find the users you are searching for. Additionally you can integrate , , and etc. Estimate about sessions per day. $: Subscriptions are for the real elite. With more than sessions per day Fix point of contact from tools to keep your website secure Bulk SMS New Zealand and the availability of each tool You can really make progress with this package. After subscribing, the next step is to implement this piece of code. To do this navigate to Settings Account Tracking Codes where you will find the snippet code. You move this code from to your site’s backend and implement it there.

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It can also be add to the Tag Manager. Options Overview In the field you have no less than options. Each of these features has different characteristics that are useful to understand before you use the tool. Below we explain to you the various sub-options within the platform. Heatmaps in Heatmaps give you insight into where users are clicking. You can also activate the mouse tool. So you can see not only when the mouse was click, but also where people mov the mouse. The tool also applies filters on TW Lists analyz pages where r, orange, and yellow areas are view well and cooler colors such as green and blue are view less. Additionally, the tool indicates the percentage of users who scroll to a specific point on the page.

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