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Audio Recording With the help of Audio Recording or Voice Recording you can see a textual representation of the users who have visit your website or online store. It’s as if you’re watching live over your users’ shoulders and are there while your visitors are busy surfing. This indicates, among other things, where your visitors are coming from, which device the user is viewing your website or store on and which operating system they are using. You can also increase the recording spe to easily watch multiple videos and place them side by side. Funnels are us less frequently than heatmaps or records etc. for the simple reason that you can also get these insights in.

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You can add specific links that users must click to convert so you know where in the funnel they drop off. Why Some Users Still Rely on Funnels Instead of Analytics Because records can still be view after the fact. This is impossible. Forms Forms are forms in . You can add various input forms visible on the website to the platform environment. In this option you can build a funnel and see how many users actually fill out the form. This allows you to easily understand your bounce rate or churn rate. Voting The first four options mention are more focus on Bulk SMS Portugal conducting analysis while the next three options are more focus on soliciting feback. One such feback option is the voting tool. You can easily implement a poll option like this on your website so that you can quickly ask your visitors questions.

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Surveys are small surveys that give you the opportunity to ask users about anything. The advantage of doing this is that you can ask more specific questions, and the other party can also express more opinions. Recruiters Beforehand you might think this is about recruiting people for your company but it’s not. Recruiter Tools helps you send invitations to users to join test groups. In you can add personal information which will make your invitation more attractive. Help with conversion optimization Conversion optimization is an important part of internet marketing. This principle TW Lists can help you understand why an order or lead isn’t arriving and what’s currently missing on your website. Do you ne a marketing agency that can help you use then seek our help and take quick action with your online business.

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