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We are happy to do a no-obligation analysis and give you extensive advice.Although many companies often use their SEO strategy Size: icon, mium or large? Color: black/white, transparent or another color? Type: GIF, line drawing, clipart or any type? Time: When was the image upload? User rights: can the user also use the image for certain purposes? In short: with the ‘Tools’ option people can search very specifically for a certain image. This is good to know, keep this in mind when reading our golden Google Images optimization tips. It is also good to know that people first click on an image.

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After which they see a kind of preview of the image. Similar images always appear below. This can be from your own website, but it can also be images from a competitor. So be aware of this and try to stand out with your visual material. How do you become more findable Bulk SMS USA in Google Images? But how do you actually ensure that you actually rank in Google images? Fortunately, there are a number of tricks that we would like to share with you. Watch and learn! File name of the image One of the most important parts of ranking in Google images is giving the file a proper name. Include the keywords you want to be found for in the file name.

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For example, if you have an image of a green velvet couch, you can name the file groen-velvet-bank.jpg. Add alt tag In your CMS you can add a so-call Alt tag to an image. Alt tag also stands for alternative text. This is actually meant as text that is shown when an image cannot be load. Google reads the Alt text and therefore knows what kind of image is display on a page. Google links this TW Lists to the search results, so that the image is shown earlier when an image has a relevant Alt tag. Please note that there are a number of points that you should take into account if you want to add an Alt tag to your image. Below you will find a number of rules, so that you know what to take into account.

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