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For example, in this sentence ‘ link building’ is the anchor. Money anchor: an anchor that is intend to sell. For example: ‘buy this laptop’, with a link to any electronics website. Neutral anchor: anchors that do not specifically use a keyword, but simply use a link or text such as ‘this website’. Exact match keyword: an anchor text that exactly describes the main keyword of a page. For example, an anchor text such as ‘Apple Macbook’, with a link to a product page of Apple Macbooks. These keywords in particular are a no-go in the eyes of Google and you have to be very careful with them.

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Backlinks: a link on an external website that points to your page. Broken links: a link pointing to a broken page; a 404 page, a rirect or a server error. Crawler: a search engine algorithm that scans and (possibly) indexes all pages. Disavow Tool: sometimes it happens that you suffer from extreme spam links that you did not create yourself. If you are unable Ecuador Phone Number List to remove these links (or have them remov), these links may be disavow. This means that Google will ignore it when indexing your website. External Links: An external link is a synonym for a backlink. Internal links: all links within your own page that refer to other pages on your website.

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Qualitative link building: link building aim at collecting backlinks with a high link value on external pages that are relevant to your product or service. Quantitative Link Building: Link building aim at increasing the number of referring domains. Referring domains: Referring domains are the actual websites that post your links. W Link building at Traffic Today Now that you know better what all link building terms mean, it’s time to get start. Traffic Today is happy to help you with this! Do you want to know TW Lists more about link building or are you curious what other services we offer? Then click on one of the internal links. If you pay close attention to this blog, you know exactly where to click now.

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