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We use several marketing tools to ensure that all our link building runs smoothly. Majestic, MOZ and Ahrefs are tools that our online marketers use regularly. We’ll tell you more about what these sites are good at! Fortunately, our marketers know exactly which tool to use for which purpose, so that you as a website manager do not have to worry about that. Still, it can be interesting to get an insight into the world of link building, so that you know better where you spend your budget. That is why in this blog we discuss the ins and outs of link building with our most important achievements.

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We will discuss the Trust Flow, the Domain Authority and Domain Rating. These are the metrics assign to websites by Majestic, MOZ, and Ahrefs, respectively. Each tool has its own algorithm to rate websites. We discuss what these numbers mean and what you can do with them. Finally, it is important to remember that these are all external parties and that these metrics say Egypt Phone Number List about the actual rankings in Google. Majestic: king of the marketing ball Let’s start with Majestic, the ‘Her Majesty’ of marketing tools if we are to believe their name. Majestic offers many possibilities, but is mainly us by our marketers for mapping backlinks. A backlink can be seen as a URL on an external domain that links back to your page.

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Understanding what external backlinks do for your website is something Majestic is inde good at. Unlike the other two tools, Majestic specializes exclusively in backlinks. Their two metrics, Trust Flow and Citation Flow, both reflect values ​​built purely from links. Trust Flow, as the name suggests, says something about the reliability of the links. The Citation Flow something about the power. In addition, Majestic has the largest backlink database of all tools. This makes Majestic indispensable TW Lists in the field of link building. MOZ: the must-have Where Majestic has a complicat interface, MOZ has an online environment that radiates tranquility.

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