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We help you! Our Content Marketeers have a lot of experience in writing blogs and can also write the necessary blog articles for you to expand your platform. Want to read more about blog marketing ? Then read one of these blogs:Google has introduc a number of essential metrics since 2020 call Core Web Vitals. The new essential metrics indicate important quality signals to assess the website on various points. The metrics assess and optimize the user experience and monitor this continuously.

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The Core Web Vitals mainly focus on the user experience of the website. As of Q3 this year, Google will add the Core Web Vitals to the current ranking factors. It is therefore essential for a marketer to take this into account. It is important for visitors to your website that your website loads quickly. Visitors can drop out of the process if it takes them too long. This automatically Colombia Phone Number List ensures less conversion. Delays in the purchasing process at a website can cause visitors to be quickly distract, irritations arise because it takes so long or possible mistakes can also be made. Errors can be made by text blocks that do not load quickly, so that the user does not have the correct information or that the layout jumps.

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This can cause some dissatisfaction. Particularly on smartphones, this can lead to interruptions and aborts of the process. What are the three Core Web Vitals? Google currently offers three different Core Web Vitals relat to assessing, optimizing and continuously monitoring the user experience. The Core Web Vitals are about loading (LCP), responsiveness (FID) and stability during loading (CLS). These aspects are all measurable. The aspects are: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): The spe of a page load is the main interruption when the website is not fast enough. According to Google, it can’t go fast enough either. This Core Web Vital measures the loading performance TW Lists of your website. Google looks at the moment when the largest visible element of the page is load. First Input Delay (FID): users want to see what happens on a website.

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