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Your blog will then also provide new traffic to your website for weeks. Months and even years – without you having to do much. De moeite die jij hebt gestopt in het schrijven van een go blogartikel betaalt zich dus uit op de lange termijn. En niet een beetje. Maar dubbel en dwars. Het grootste aandeel van je maandelijkse websitebezoekers zal namelijk komen uit oudere blogartikelen die je maanden gelen hebt geplaatst. Dus zorg ervoor dat je evergreen blogs publiceert die nu – maar ook over een paar maanden – relevant zijn. Lead generation from old and new blogs Not every blog you write will do exactly what you hope.

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But if one in ten blog articles you publish manages to achieve a solid position in the search results. You’re in gold. So don’t be put off if your blog has yield little after a few weeks or if an article is not pick up by search engines. Keep writing and keep optimizing with the main goal of providing your audience with relevant information. The rest will follow. 5. A blog strengthens your Chile Phone Number List brand identity On your blog you can show what your company really stands for. You probably have room on your website for a few USPs.  A short about us page and a few reviews here andthere. You can post all the information you want on your own blog.

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For example intertwine your mission and vision with topics that apply to your company, product or service so that your audience can identify well with your proposition. Having trouble finding a good topic? Then check out the answerthepublic website . This website helps you find a topic bas on searches. Wordweb | TrafficToday With your blog you show that you understand things; By subtly sharing your expertise with your audience through your articles, you steadily build authority among your target audience. This builds trust TW Lists in your brand, which in turn leads to a top-of-mind position with exactly the right people. Want to start a blog too? Do you want to experience the benefits of a blog firsthand.

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