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In order not to stagnate, the sales, marketing and service departments are always running. Perhaps the greatest advantage of this approach is that the wheels continue to revolve around the customer even after he has officially complet the customer journey. So the keyword is dynamic rather than linear which is more likely to generate existing customers and brand ambassadors at best. In announcing Flywheel, the CEO said too much has chang in the industry to continue to rely on funnels. According to , this is more in line with the company’s motivation to have the best product possible. However in recent years the goals have chang and customer satisfaction is now a top priority.

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For this reason a model that also includes services is requir. The Biggest Difference With Funnels Word of mouth turns customers themselves into advertisers Another downside of funnels is that it doesn’t take into account potential compromises between customers and companies. Word of mouth is consider a very effective marketing method. The reason why advertising is SMS Gateway Bulgaria so effective is because potential customers are more willing to listen to existing customers than promises from companies. This may be the original and classic form of advertising that has been underestimat for far too long but more and more marketers are setting themselves the goal of getting customers to spread word of mouth.

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This is why the customer in the flywheel is a constant part of the process rather than the result. The term flywheel is deriv from industrial flywheels. It’s a huge metal wheel with an inner axle. It’s hard to get the actual flywheel going at first but with every effort and every job it gets easier. Once the wheels are up and running it is efficient and effective at the same time. So when a company TW Lists considers moving from a funnel system to a flywheel system it has to be prepar for a lot of work but the rewards will be bigger. One reason is that by focusing on the customer experience, the customer becomes, at best, the advertiser themselves.

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