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A lot of time and money wast here. The question is which content can still reach the. Corresponding target groups and search engines in today’s content overload situation. See figure. Situational content marketing bas on behavioral psychology is consider to. Be a guarantee of success in this special environment. This content suggests that psychosocial benefits are often more appropriate for clients than actual functional benefits. The shift from product marketing to contextual content. Marketing is increasingly becoming part of the content marketing strategy.

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Contextual content kills three birds with one stone. Sustainably supports corporate strategy Enhances brand and company image. New customer acquisition. Loyalty to existing customers Aims to turn customers into fans. Crucial context influences contingency. Brand and image reinforcement as well as new customer acquisition and customer loyalty core areas of content marketing and is thus effectively support. It’s highly relevant content that can be said to act Bulk SMS Thailand like a magnet to attract the target person as shown in the figure. Thanks to these content target groups can quickly adapt and react to new situations. Relevance conquers the heart of search engines. This approach is also important for search engine marketing.

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The intelligence of search engines is increasing dramatically. They like relevant content and actually help the person who made the request. Significant savings in advertising costs within the search engine can be achiev by using . The popularity of the brand or company is greatly increas. Significant savings in search engine budgets. Contextual content acts like a magnet for target groups.

Contextual content acts like a magnet for target groups Opportunities are that companies can position themselves as. Knowlge leaders and champions with specific benefits for target groups. In extreme cases it can even protect the target person from legal consequences. Companies will face penalties if they do not comply with the new law. Examples here are changing policies or laws within your industry. Anyone actively TW Lists supporting a target group is doing a good job. These measures build greater trust among the target group and ultimately ensure higher sales of the company’s products and services.

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