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Recently we all set up a learning program where people can follow courses to increase knowlge. There are plenty of opportunities at Traffic Today that you have to use yourself! From internship to part-timer During my internship I learn many new things. This made me curious about the field. By taking the initiative myself and stating things I lik and didn’t like, I was able to get a lot out of my internship. My internship was assess with a 9. Because I was curious, pick up the material quickly and was enthusiastic, I was offer a part-time job after my internship. I went from digital marketing intern to junior online marketer.

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This growth within Traffic Today ensures that I gain new things in the field every week and gain valuable experience. (Online) outings My internship start in the middle of the corona time. This result in a combination of working from home and at the office. Every week we end the week with an online VrijMiBo. That way you still got to know all your colleagues. In addition to Cyprus Phone Number List the regular online VrijMiBos, alternative Friday afternoon drinks were also organiz where we call in external parties to organize a game. This vari from a quiz to an online escape room. Fortunately, nowadays there are more options in terms of outings. For example, we had an Oktoberfest a while back.

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The Friday afternoon drinks vary from having a drink internally to going out for dinner and going out in the city. Teambuilding is therefore very important to us at Traffic Today. The team is young and dynamic, the working atmosphere is good and they also like to socialize. Want to do an internship at Traffic Today? Are you looking for a fun, ucational internship where growth is an option? Then I definitely advise you to apply at Traffic Today. Would you like to know more about doing an internship at Traffic Today? Feel free to contact me TW Lists via my LinkIn or anita traffictoday.You only have to click on any blog about online marketing and it’s about the best link building strategies of the moment.

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