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These are the three most common ways: Fully load page: The time it takes for of the resources to load and the page to fully render. This is the most common way to determine how fast a page loads. Time to first byte: how long it takes for a page to start loading receiving the first byte of information from the server. First meaningful paint/first contextual paint: the time it takes for enough of the resources to load to actually read the content of the page and interact. So there are various ways to measure page spe.

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However, the most important thing is to focus on improving page spe for the entire website. Why is page spe important? Since April page spe has been an important ranking factor for desktop. Was the mobile-first year. In March, Google announc that they were ready to switch to mobile-first indexing, where the mobile version of a website’s content is the core of indexing and ranking. As of July Google has add even more value Uganda Phone Number List here by rolling out the Spe ​​Update for mobile searches. A slow page spe therefore has a negative impact on rankings in Google. In addition to the fact that Google can search fewer pages of your website with the available crawl budget, it is also very disadvantageous from a user experience perspective. For example, pages with a longer load time often have higher bounce rates and a lower average time on page.

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This in turn has a negative impact on conversions. Also at the largest SEO conference in Europe BrightonSEO, recently in April, the necessary attention was again paid to page spe. For example, Rachel Costello SEO expert at DeepCrawl gave some interesting insights about the future of site spe optimization. The most important thing was that the starting point was TW Lists how a user experiences the spe and that there should be a strong focus on the slow user. For example, what loads within 4 seconds on a high-end iPhone 8 with WiFi can take up to 36 seconds on a low-end mobile with. Loading processes of a website dissect The loading time of a website is not a simple given.

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