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This case, you must pack and ship products yourself within the specifi period. However, you can also outsource the shipping process to Amazon by using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) . This is an additional service that allows you to send part of your product inventory to an Amazon warehouse, from where Amazon then handles your shipments. You don’t have to worry about when packages have to be sent. Amazon takes that completely off your hands. Of course there are additional costs involv. When you take care of the shipping process yourself, it is important to choose a good parcel service that you can count on.

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Of course you don’t want things to go wrong at this last stage of the purchase. 6 | Manage payments Amazon ensures that your payments are regularly deposit into your bank account. You will be notifi when a payment has been sent to you. So clear! What does selling on Amazon cost? Amazon has a fairly transparent pricing model. As a seller on Amazon, you pay a monthly subscription fee of €39 (excluding VAT) with a Germany Phone Number List professional Plan. For individual sellers (business owners who only sell one product type on Amazon) a payment of € 0.99 per item sold applies. On top of these costs, there is a sales fee for each product sold for both sales concepts.

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The right strategy Unfortunately, just creating a sales account and listing your products is not enough to get the most out of selling on Amazon. Also keep in mind the following 3 factors. Ask It is wise to first conduct market research and gauge whether the products you intend to sell are actually popular with consumers. Consider, for example, keyword research within Amazon or use handy tools to find out the question. Margin Now that you TW Lists know the costs of selling via Amazon, you can calculate your margin per product. Make sure you have enough margin to also earn back the time and energy you put into your strategy.

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