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Still, no e-commerce strategy is complete without a good approach to building strong relationships with existing customers. How do you do that? With exclusivity, for example. Make sure you give existing customers exclusive benefits; earlier access to certain offers, personaliz discounts, members-only benefits – all contribute to a sense of exclusivity. And that then ensures that your brand will live among your target group and sales will increase. You can also maintain this by sending a newsletter to this existing target group. newsletter – e-commerce strategy 7. Experiment with delivery options Free shipping, those words make every buyer enthusiastic! In fact, many buyers indicate that this is the main reason to shop more online.

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At the same time, (unexpect) shipping costs are also the main reason for not completing a purchase. In short, free shipping can give your e-commerce strategy a big boost. It is important to consider whether the potential increas turnover that you achieve by offering free shipping outweighs the costs you incur. Keep in mind that e-commerce companies that offer free shipping as standard see up to 10% more sales. However, this does not Italy Phone Number List mean that it can also be done directly for your business. For example, you can also choose to offer free shipping from a minimum order value. That way you still give an incentive without sacrificing much on your own profit margin.

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Look past online While online shopping is becoming more common, an offline experience still remains an important part of the process for many shoppers. For example, with an offline experience you can think of a monthly catalog that you publish, where buyers can go for inspiration about the products in your webshop. Other examples of offline experiences that contribute to your online success include: Unique packaging and packages A pop up store Annual offline events A magazine All these offline initiatives also indirectly provide TW Lists smart marketing. A unique packaging requires an unboxing video. With a little extra time and attention, you can ensure yourself of user-generat content that is crucial for your brand.

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