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com, you will receive an email to confirm your account. Once you have done this, you will have access to your sales account. Here you will be ask to enter additional information about your company (for example, the Chamber of Commerce number). You then submit this information to so that they can check your company and agree to your access to their platform. 3. Verify company As soon as has approv your company and account, you will receive a letter at the address where your company is locat. In this letter you will find a verification code with which you definitively connect your company to the services of for entrepreneurs.

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Find out EAN numbers Now that your account has been creat and your company has been verifi, it’s time to fill your Bol webshop with your products. You ne an EAN code (European Article Number) for each product. This is the sequence of numbers assign to each product to ensure unique identification. Products that you purchase through a wholesaler already have an EAN code, which you can easily retrieve. However, if you want Thailand Phone Number List to sell homemade products, it is necessary to request EAN codes for this. Online you will find various providers who can quickly provide you with the codes you ne. 5. Sell The last step: sell. Before you sell your first product via, there are a few things you can set up to increase the chance that your products will be found by the public.

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First of all, you have to determine a good price. Balance is important here. Because asks for a percentage of the products you sell through the platform, it is important to determine a price in which you have enough margin to make a profit. At the same time, you naturally want to offer a competitive price so that consumers actually find your product interesting enough. Sales insights on In addition TW Lists to a good price, good product information is also very important. This ensures that your products are easy to find and that the consumer is persuad to make a purchase.

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