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Do you want to know more about this method? Read more about the see-think-do-care model here . The 5 benefits of a company blog Now that you know what a blog is and how it can be part of your marketing strategy, also known as blog marketing , it’s time to highlight the benefits. These advantages are worth mentioning. 1. A blog increases traffic to your website Who doesn’t want more website visitors? But how are these visitors guarante to end up on your website? Visitors can type your company name into their browser and land directly on your page. But these are visitors who already know your company.

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You can spend a lot of money on advertisements. But this traffic will stop once your ads stop. So how do you get visitors to land on your page without relying on ads or an existing network? Simple: with a blog. Just think about the number of pages on your website. There are probably not very many. And how often do you update these pages? Certainly not every week. However, this would Cameroon Phone Number List improve the position of your website. That is why a blog offers a solution. Every time you write and post a blog article, a new indexable page is add to your website. Later in the article we explain how a blog has even more effect on your organic search results – but this one is a nice bonus.

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Your blog also serves as a warehouse for social mia posts. Grab an existing blog article and easily create multiple updates on different topics cover. In this way you convert the reach on social mia into traffic to your blog, and therefore to your website. SEMrush | TrafficToday 2. A blog helps convert traffic into leads Now that you’ve manag to attract new TW Lists organic traffic to your website, you can convert it into leads. In theory, this step is relatively simple; by adding a strong call-to-action in your blog article you encourage readers to take an action. However, it is important that the call-to-action matches the topic of your blog article. If we look at the funnel, this moment is also the dividing line between think and do.

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