12 Marketing Podcasts Worth Your Time

What makes one marketing podcast better than the next? Its ability to get me thinking—and when its hosts are equal parts entertaining and knowledgeable. To choose my favorites, I unearthed some marketing podcast playlists on Spotify, then gave each of them a listen. I also tuned in to popular series, such as Neil Patel’s Marketing School, during my commutes. Here’s what made the cut, in no particular order (remember to cast your vote!): Famed entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk may have made a good point when he said marketers ruin everything. 12 Marketing Podcasts But marketing doesn’t deserve its bad rep, and HotJar alumnus Louis Grenier is determined to change that through Everyone Hates Marketers.

His weekly episodes

Cover evergreen topics such as customer research, marketing strategy, and brand positioning—with the aim of teaching marketers how to generate solid executive email list results without resorting to sleazy, spammy tactics. Past guests include Joe Glover of online community The Marketing Meetup and Rand Fishkin, founder of market research tool SparkToro and co-founder of Moz. In this podcast, Neil Patel and Eric Siu—CEO of marketing agency Single Grain—tackle all manner of marketing topics. What’s impressive is that they’ve over 1,900 episodes under their belt, with each lasting roughly six minutes or less. This makes the episodes digestible and easy to listen to on the go. I particularly like how on-trend and timely the podcast is. In recent episodes, the duo discusses NFTs in relation to marketing and why Web3 is the future of marketing.

It’s a great way

To stay on the pulse of trends. Plus, the information learned makes for an excellent conversation starter. As its name suggests, Perpetual Traffic focuses on how to TW Lists drive more traffic to your business. The podcast covers all things related to digital marketing, including Facebook ads and social media marketing, 12 Marketing Podcasts SEO, and how to sell high-ticket products. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the 300+ episodes in the podcast’s repository, we recommend starting with this one. In it, Ahrefs’ Michal Pecánek discusses how the company employed SEO strategies to set up its Wikipedia page. Learning platform Target Internet, and Ciaran Rogers is a digital marketing specialist and trainer.

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