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Consume daily. Brands are looking for specializ communication channels that their audiences trust and are better equipp to listen to when it comes to their beauty marketing strategies. Beauty marketing today we delve into the topic of expert beauty influencers and how beauty brands can leverage youtube content. Such as makeup tutorials. To achieve different brand objectives. Index why use youtube tutorials with influencers? 3 scenarios in which to resort to youtube tutorials why use youtube tutorials with influencers? Instagram and youtube are the platforms most us by beauty influencers. But it is youtube that is preferr by them to connect with their audience

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 Brands in the beauty world are implementing and obtain insights that. Like this one. Can support you in optimizing your business lead marketing decision-making process.If you work in the fashion. Luxury or beauty sector. You know well the power of influencers and their merit in having transform the way brands communicate with their target audience. Influencers help brands create relationships with consumers that they would not be able to create on their own. In our latest ition of “ the state of influencer marketing.” 76 % of respondents said that awareness campaigns are effective in building customer loyalty . With the multitude of messages and signals we

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 But did not provide the user with an incentive to delve deeper into the caption. As seen above. Miv® total: $370.000 by activating strategies that exploit the two most valuable voices. Actually l by the founder of kylie cosmetics. And by using news relating to the brand in her favor for the launch of her latest collection. Kylie jenner manag to use these events to generate a miv ® total $53 million in just 3 weeks. Therefore with celebrity-relat brands. Such as kylie cosmetics. Driven by voices that already have their own authority. It is essential to push on the celebrity voice to achieve the best impact for their campaigns. Discover the strategies that other

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