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On page ranking factors These ranking factors are bas on the information and technical specifications of your website. These include: · Keywords Of course you want your website or web page to be found on the keywords that are relevant to your business. Keyword research is therefore very important and forms the basis for the SEO strategy. · Title and subtitles The title of your web page should ideally contain the main keyword that you determin with the keyword research. You can process other relevant keywords in the subtitles. You also give the title and subtitles a header tag to let search engines know what your page is about.

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Your title gets an H1 tag and your subtitles get an  tag. Depending on the hierarchy on your web page. · Alt text Images are also essential to a good SEO strategy. And for these images to really help boost your ranking. dd alt text (aka alt tags). With this you offer accessibility of your website Mexico Phone Number List to users with a visual impairment; With alt text you describe what can be seen in an image. As soon as your web page is read aloud. The user also receives information about the images. But search engines themselves also derive information from this on the basis of which they can determine the relevance of your web page.

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In addition search engines value accessibility and therefore assign higher positions to websites and pages with good and relevant alt texts. · URL structure When it comes to the URLs of your web pages. Keep it simple. And clear. Keep a logical structure in which you move naturally from main to subpages. In addition incorporate the main keyword into the URL of the relevant page for an SEO-friendly URL. · Content quality It’s good to remember TW Lists that you’re not making your web page for Google or any other search engine. But for a real user. You can therefore have optimiz your web page on all ranking factors.

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