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In this way you make it even more attractive for the consumer to make a purchase. More reach on social mia? Large companies such as Bol.com and HEMA always respond well to relevant moments on social mia, such as the most famous holidays. With a funny photo, quote or pun, they manage to conquer the hearts of many Facebook and Instagram users. Do you want this too? Then put yourself in the shoes of your target group and think about what they like. Once you’ve come up with an idea, don’t forget to advertise . This way you can bring your post and therefore your company even more attention. So think carefully about what you post.

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Get the customer in the holiday spirit If you walk around a shopping street around Easter on a Saturday afternoon, you will notice that many shop windows are decorat with colorful eggs, crocuses and of course Easter bunnies. The shop owners do this to bring consumers into the holiday spirit so that they can stimulate sales. You can also use this strategy online. Strengthen the Easter feeling with a special Easter theme. Think for example of a banner on your homepage, a cover photo on Facebook and an Jordan Phone Number List advertisement in a newsletter. Make sure you choose one style with which you create recognisability. Order today, deliver before Easter Our last online marketing tip is that we recommend that you point out the Easter days to consumers.

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Mentionin the shopping cart: “Order today, deliver before Easter”. This way you give the consumer a reminder that he or she can quickly order some stuff before it is too late. This way you stimulate sales. At the beginning of February it was announc that Google and Twitter had conclud an agreement, after this message nothing more was heard from both Google and Twitter regarding the content of this agreement. This radio silence has now been broken. At the beginning TW Lists of May it was announc that Google and Twitter would be working on a small experiment, that “small experiment” is now live. Google shows Tweets in its mobile search results during this experiment.

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