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With social mia Did not understand that the attack by the satirical news program had no basis. Already in , RAI decid to sue Miaset for defamation and had the. Program resum ahead of schule precisely to continue the ratings battle that made. Rai Uno’s game show always a winner. In the episode of January Paolo Bonolis decid to show evidence of the legitimacy of the programme , accusing Antonio Ricci of having fabricat an ad hoc scandal.  Driven by envy towards the success of the RAI programme. The episode.

Was by far the most

Watch episode in the history of the program seo expate bd with , , viewers, equal to a . % share. This country does not forgive talent and light-heartness. I said the right things in the wrong way but what is happening to me is a very violent thing. Yet tonight, with all the hatr against me. I come here to talk about love and things that this country should find again. Flavio Insinna Actor and host of “Your Business. Insinna deals with charities all over the world, and I would not use this way of doing things to defend myself from other accusations.

To make it clear that

I am a good person, there is no ne to say TW Lists that you do two thousand charitable things, because charity is done for oneself. Enzo Iachetti Actor and presenter of “Striscia la Notizia” “ Social mia must be experienc with the right weight. Lorella Cuccarini Dancer and showgirl But the attack by Striscia la Notizia continu until the present day where images of an episode of Affari Tui where the host Flavio Insinna violently insults a competitor were shown to the public. The communicative aspect to underline is that the images were combin with an audio record secretl.

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