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It is an end result of a series of events that take place. When a page is open by clicking a link, adding a URL in the browser or reloading the page, a series of actions are trigger that take place in the background of the website. If it is a fast website, this will probably not be notic, but there are actions that ensure that the page is load. Each individual action contributes to the final page load time. The different actions can be divid into four types of events that take place: Request: is a starting point for loading a page, also known as navigation start.

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The user starts the process request by, for example, clicking on a link. Sends an HTTPS request to the server. Response: refers to the time the request is sent to the browser and the server receives the response. Build: The time it takes for the browser to process the data request from the server and build the page. Render: The time it takes for the browser to display the results of the search on the screen. The time Ukraine Phone Number List it takes to go from event 1 request to event 4 render is the loading time. All online pagespe tools use these events in load time calculations. What tools are there to measure page spe? By using tools to measure page spe, bottlenecks can be determin to structurally improve loading spe.

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Whether it’s resizing images, combining CSS files, or applying minification, the tools simplify the process of identifying issues. There are quite a few tools available to measure the page spe of a website: Pindom Tools GTMetrix WebPageTest Page Spe. ​​Insights Google Chrome Dev Tools Dare boost Uptrends Each of the above tools provides in-depth analysis of website performance. They provide load times in seconds and several recommendations to fix performance issues. More background information about using Pingdom or TW Lists PageSpe ​​Insights, for example? Check out the two informative links below: Measuring page spe with Pingdom Reading and understanding Pagespe Insights Optimize page spe Since a large number of factors influence the spe of your page.

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