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All in all likes, shares and giveaways do work but you have to decide if it’s worth it. The groups you arrive at are not always relevant and during the draw you have to manually check who is participating and who is actually entitl to participate by meeting the conditions. Our advice You can take the trouble to set up such promotions but you can also easily opt for advertising. This is usually faster and usually more effective because you’re actually reaching the right target group.

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Set up your own giveaway Do you want to set up a giveaway yourself as a company? We have some tips: Identify the goal: what do you want to achieve Draw prizes for products relevant to your industry See how the promotion is progressing in the first few days and pass the promotion if necessary Respond to this Interact with participants such as replying to messages Clarify terms and communicate with participants Do you ne help designing or setting up your campaign? Contact us to discuss possible ideas. Our social mia experts are ready for you Something has chang recently. In this blog we highlight six new features in random order. Always handy to know right Take Bulk SMS Cyprus advantage of it and read on Show what you offer There is a new feature where you can offer your services in the search function. An introduction card shows what you offer. You can also choose to add up to services.

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For example consider business consulting marketing coaching and mentoring etc. You can also state this in characters so that visitors know exactly what your specialty is and what you have to offer. it the message you sent Oh no In that important message You just notic another serious typo. Completely ignor. The new feature of is now your lifesaver. This allows you to it and even delete sent messages. This has not been possible for a long time until now Start Your Own Video Conferencing Ever since the covid-19 pandemic we have been completely obsess with online video conferencing. Love it or hate it but popularity soar. Responding to this with its TW Lists new feature that makes it possible to start video conversations through the platform.

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