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Referral traffic Link building is not just about SEO. People are also central. When a well-known platform places a link to your website, there is a good chance that you will receive referral traffic to your website via that link. Readers of the large platform are encourag to also take a look at your website because additional information can be found on a specific subject. Referral traffic is usually also directly relevant traffic. The content in which your link was plac has interfaces with the content you have on your website.

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Those interest in the first topic will therefore most likely also be relevant to you – and you to them. 3. Strong relationships As soon as you start developing your link building strategy, it is necessary to make contact with platforms and other parties with authority in your field. Strengthening these contacts ensures Japan Phone Number List that both you and your contacts benefit from the collaboration. The right link building strategy Before you start approaching platforms and parties with great enthusiasm to place links to your website, it is important to map out to which web pages you want to generate the most links. Your homepage is usually the most important page of your website. Make sure that most external links point to this page. That’s how you build.

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You also take budgets, SEO values ​​and relevance into account. The deeper you get into your website, the fewer external links to these pages you ne to build relevance and authority. These pages usually have less value for your revenue model. And as long as the basis of your website – the homepage and the most important subpages – is in place and you pay a lot of attention to this in your link building strategy, the branches of your TW Lists website will also benefit from this. link building value Link building for your company Want to get start with link building yourself? Or would you rather outsource to experiencSEO, what is that? Within Traffic Today, SEO is one of our specialties.

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