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Bol com receives a commission of €0.40 excl. VAT on a product of. VAT Bol.com receives a commission on a product of €20 or more, depending on the product category Start selling now via bol.com Do you also want to become a partner of bol.com? Let us help you. We have extensive experience in setting up a sales account for our clients and support you throughout the process. From writing your product texts to standing out from your competitors – we know what we’re doing and want to share our knowlge with you. You can read more about it on our Bol.com marketplace pageThis also means that 80% (!) of users do this via the search function of the marketplace.

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You must therefore become visible with your products when a visitor starts searching. For example, do you have a product of an unknown or own brand without search volume? Do not mention this brand in the title of the product, but give the product a general name that visitors search for. Set rules Armenia Phone Number List through your fe Of course you pay a fee to use a marketplace. For some web shop owners, this is a reason to refrain from collaborating, but for by far the largest group it is a way to keep a grip on costs. You know exactly where you stand with a fix fee bas on a no-cure-no-pay construction. However, it can happen that you as an entrepreneur have too little margin left.

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For example, the rules regarding shipping costs may differ from what you use in your own webshop. If you keep free shipping from €50 yourself, but the marketplace forces you to offer free shipping from €20 via their platform, the margin can become quite small. To limit this, you can set automatic rules that first assess the products from your webshop before they are load into a marketplace. For example, you can indicate TW Lists that products with a profit margin lower than a certain amount will not be shown. You can also choose to have the price of these.

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