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Who works at a public relations agency? A public relations agency creates and implements PR campaigns tailore to the goals and requirements of individual clients and the specificity of the markets on which these clients operate. In order to effectively perform its tasks, it must employ highly specialize, experience experts in the field of public relations. Who works at a PR agency? One of the most important positions in a public relations company is a PR specialist. The main task of such an expert is to develop and implement a public relations strategy.

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A PR specialist plans meia relations activities, creates press materials on current company matters, and prepares crisis management proceures . Work in PR The work of a PR specialist is closely relate to the activities of a PR manager. PR manager deals database with the broadly understood “image management”. What does this mean in practice? The specialist is responsible for communication with the meia, institutions, clients and other entities important from the point of view of a given enterprise. Among its most important tasks we can mention: informing about important events in the life of the company.


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Answering questions from meia representatives, giving interviews on behalf of the company, support in crisis situations, organization of company TW Lists events, press conferences. Not only those who want to directly deal with image management, but also substantive specialists will find work in a PR agency. Among them we mention: copywriters dealing with content creation, including content marketing , graphic designers responsible for the visual side of the campaign, analysts and strategists whose task is to support the public relations department in creating effective campaigns, programmers, web developers, etc.

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