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So you can say the same thing with words and words that are really just filler words up to a certain number of words and you can safely stick to words. Key Content Keyword Usage It is important to know what your web page is about. That’s why you ne to make your main keywords visible. Think titles, subtitles, titles, and captions for images. But make sure that keyword stuffing doesn’t happen due to spammy keywords. maintain density. Unique, high-quality content While it’s okay if some content uses different words on multiple pages, it’s important to place as much unique content as possible, especially at the top of the page. Make sure the text is of high quality and free from spelling and grammatical errors.

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If your page contains a lot of errors which directly affect the user experience it will be consider a quality issue. This is punishable. Internal Links You should also consider using internal links on your pages. Too many internal links can significantly ruce the value of a page. This is because it is more difficult for search engines to recognize the structure of your site and identify Bulk SMS Australia individual content. Put internal links where appropriate but don’t be too generous. Also make sure the anchor correctly reflects the content of the link page. This applies to both internal and external links. You can safely use longer anchor text here as this gives more context to the link page.

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Technical SEO Page Merge Information may display some information on your site but not others in its search results. For example, a recipe could be display with stars below it. But FAQs and How-to’s cannot be display together because they are too similar. Google can’t change this then and will choose which of the two to show. Mistakes Mistakes are normal and not immiately consider a negative technical ranking factor as long as it doesn’t involve your homepage. Because in this case TW Lists the question is whether the site is still up and running. If you get a heap error don’t worry right away. But it shouldn’t be too much as it will negatively affect your ranking.

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