What Beliefs Drive Your Character’s Behavior

So the platform wants to prevent users from quitting because the content they see no longer meets their expectations and nes. Pretty logical, right, but why do businesses still choose to use likes, shares and win promotions? We test it. Like, Share and Giveaway In order to get more people to follow our page and experience the effect of this form of marketing firsthand, we set up our own Like, Share and Win promotion. We will draw three prizes among the likes and sharers of the post and draw prizes in . A step-by-step plan We develop a step-by-step plan so as not to go into the experiment completely blank and what else to stick to.

On Average Norms And Values

Setting Goals First we did a baseline measurement: how many followers did we have when we start out? Increasing that number became our goal. More specifically once our counter hits page likes we give away three . Participation is therefore conditional on liking our page and leaving a comment under the post. In this way, our emails will also appear in Moments. The goal is set; continue to the second step. Promotion The first two days the promotion was online we did get some reactions but the post sticking to social mia terms hadn’t gone viral yet. So we decid to highlight and promote SMS Gateway Taiwan this promotion. The advantage of this is that you can specify where your ad appears in the news overview. We decid to target a target group of ages with we saw more and more people participating in the giveaway.

What Are The Most Important

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Naturally we continue to monitor our actions and analyze the results in order to draw conclusions from them. The most notable results are as follows: Giveaway Accounts Notable is the number of accounts creat specifically to enter the contest. So these people have a normal account for interacting with their social network and a giveaway account for responding to giveaways on . These are people who may be looking for giveaways but are less relevant to liking your page because they don’t necessarily fit the target group. Previous Posts We also TW Lists saw that the more people start following us, the more popular our old posts became.

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