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Many users rely on Instagram to enjoy photos and videos, where the ne for news is less tangible. Link decal Unlike what you are us to with the ‘regular’ Instagram Story link, the link is display more prominently for all users than the swipe up variant. This option will be plac in the story as you are us to when adding a gif, tag, question, hashtag, poll, quiz or countdown calendar. Viewers of the stories will be trigger faster to take action than when they have to make the well-known drag movement upwards.

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Super mention In addition to the Instagram Story link, there are also rumors that the social mia channel is working on a super mention function. Companies that are active in e-commerce could link to their webshop in this way. It is not yet known whether the sticker will actually be test or whether it will remain with rumors. Want to get more out of social mia? Are you SMS Gateway Hungary curious about this new feature or do you want to know more about the other possibilities of social mia ? Our specialists are ready for you In this blog we explain exactly what a marketplace is, what the trends are in this area and how you can respond to this to achieve rapid growth.

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What is a marketplace? A marketplace is an external online platform where you as an entrepreneur can sell products. Examples of marketplaces that have a strong position in the Netherlands are Bol.com, Marktplaats, Amazon, but also Fonq, Blokker and Wehkamp. A marketplace can therefore, for example, focus on a select product group such as furniture, but can also be comprehensive and offer a platform for almost all conceivable products. Each marketplace has its own advantages and disadvantages, rules and conditions that apply to selling TW Lists products via the relevant platform. Many entrepreneurs choose to offer their products via an online marketplace, or even several, in addition to their own webshop. Advantages of this choice include: A significantly longer range Improv online.

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