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Flash mob Groups of people who perform an unusual act in a busy space or environment, such as an unexpect dance, song or acting performance, that is a flash mob. Often very fun and effective as a guerrilla marketing technique. Online Although this strategy often takes place offline, guerrilla marketing online is also increasingly popular. For example, temporarily taking over a well-known Instagram account! Moreover, an offline and online strategy can also go well together. Guerrilla marketing online Online marketing has given small businesses with a low budget new opportunities to communicate with the right target group.

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Guerrilla marketing and digital mia can be a perfect way to connect the target group. Both large and small companies have us guerrilla techniques in their online businesses, creating memorable campaigns. Guerrilla marketing is unconventional, surprising and full of energy. All these aspects can also be achiev online. But how exactly do you approach an Bahamas Phone Number List online guerrilla strategy? Make it memorable The most important aspect of online guerrilla marketing is: make it unforgettable. Create something unique and create a wow moment. The smarter the campaign, the more memorable it will be. Even after one time. Only when you really make an impression will people not easily forget your brand! Inspirational examples There are many examples of guerrilla marketing.

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Companies around the world have embrac this marketing strategy and us it to introduce products to the market. Below are a few of our favorite examples of famous guerrilla marking to inspire you. King Kong In Los Angeles, guerrilla marketing was us for the release of the new King Kong 360 3D attraction. A series of huge footprints and a crush vehicle were left on the beach in Santa Monica. In addition, the video suggests that damage was done by King Kong at Dodger Stadium. People snapp pictures and desperately shar TW Lists them on social mia trying to figure out the meaning. Zeeman stunt at Amsterdam Fashion Week Zeeman proves that fashion does not have to be expensive with a spectacular guerrilla marketing stunt during Amsterdam Fashion Week in.

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