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The direct link prevents delays and makes it extra easy and fast to sell your products. Did you know that 40% of the Bol.com turnover is generat via external sellers (20,000)? Marketplace – Bol.com How do I optimize for a marketplace? Within a marketplace, it is perhaps the most important thing to formulate the title of your product strongly. So content optimization. Why? Research has shown that approximately 20% of marketplace users access a product through the category structure. By clicking on the right category here, they will find the product they are looking for. Since the advance of marketplaces such as Bol.com and Marktplaats, the popularity of these online sales platforms has anything but decreas. In fact, with the introduction of.

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Amazon nl on the Dutch market, the marketplace is more important than ever! Marketplaces have therefore become an important part of the marketing landscape – especially for e-commerce companies that have the ambition to grow quickly. In this blog we explain exactly what a marketplace is, what the trends are in this area and how you can respond to this to achieve rapid growth. What is a marketplace? A marketplace is an external online platform where you as an Bulk SMS Russia entrepreneur can sell products. Examples of marketplaces that have a strong position in the Netherlands are Bol.com, Marktplaats, Amazon, but also Fonq, Blokker and Wehkamp. A marketplace can therefore, for example, focus on a select product group such as furniture.

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But can also be comprehensive and offer a platform for almost all conceivable products. Each marketplace has its own advantages and disadvantages, rules and conditions that apply to selling products via the relevant platform. Many entrepreneurs choose to offer their products via an online marketplace, or even several, in addition to their own webshop. Advantages of this choice include: A significantly longer range Improv online presence Access to the international market Fast result marketplace trends Riscover importance of marketplaces TW Lists When stores had to close their doors to shoppers en masse in 2020 due to the corona pandemic, the same audience flock to online marketplaces in large numbers. Products that were normally purchas in physical stores suddenly had to be obtain online.

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