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In addition the video suggests that damage was done by King Kong at Dodger Stadium. People snapp pictures and desperately shar them on social mia trying to figure out the meaning. Zeeman stunt at Amsterdam Fashion Week Zeeman proves that fashion does not have to be expensive. With a spectacular guerrilla marketing stunt during Amsterdam Fashion Week in 2011. Under the name. FRANK the textile chain gave a fashion show for the crème de la crème of the fashion world. At the end of the show It was made clear that these were ordinary Zeeman clothes.

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This valu action won several awards. Take on the role of James Bond Coca Cola has always been known for their great guerrilla marketing campaigns. The brand launch an online video with the slogan. Coke Zero drives you to unlock the 007 in you. Challenging unsuspecting travelers to find the 007 in themselves. The price? If the participants manag to complete the assignment within  seconds They won exclusive tickets for the new James Belgium Phone Number List Bond film Skyfall. It was the perfect way to get attention for Coca-Cola Zero and Skyfall through guerrilla marketing. The action was very successful; it was view million times on YouTube within a week. Offline and online interaction This also brings us to the last tip for setting up your online guerrilla strategy. Looking for the connection between offline and online.

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Platforms like YouTube are ideally suit to share your offline guerrilla marketing stunt online with the general public.  How to start. To set up the right strategy Start at the beginning. Define clear goals Think carefully about the purpose of your guerrilla marketing campaign. Do you want to draw attention TW Lists to certain products? Or do you want to increase the brand awareness of your company. A successful guerrilla marketing stunt starts with a clear end goal. If your goal and action don’t align well. Chances are it will fail.

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