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This shows that we have successfully reach a portion of our intend target group and plac additional relevant content that fits that group’s interests. Shar often We were also surpris that the promotion was shar at least times and the conditions simply didn’t state this. And a large percentage of participants just left comments and didn’t like our page. Obviously people would immiately put a link in the giveaway saying they had to share the promotion but that wasn’t the case. That’s positive for us by the way; it makes our actions more impactful. Like Two weeks later we got a page like. In fact it went so well that we surpass our goal. It’s time for a lottery.

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We decid to put the names of all the participants on slips of paper and put them in a box. Of course we check to see if the participants actually like our page. You can do this as follows: Go to your business page settings Click on the People & Others page Type people in the promotion into the search bar From those who enter we drew three winners from the box. We share the sweepstakes video through our page. Stagnation of likes After the awards ceremony we saw SMS Gateway Brunei that people didn’t like our page. The first day or so was done. Since then the number has remain almost constant. LIKE SHARE & GIVEAWAY LIKE SHARE AND WIN THE PROMO WHAT ARE YOUR PROMOTIONS Thanks to the giveaway we have receiv a lot of likes for our new page in a short period of time.

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Message Master The person who participat in the message. Also we see that when we share a post now on , we get more likes and the reach is bigger than before. We do want to know if our giveaways are reaching the right target group. While we do target our target group, it turns out that a lot of people engage otherwise they would never have lik our page. However, this is not necessarily the bottleneck. It has attract the attention of many people on the Internet. Everyone who reads that TW Lists message knows who might benefit from an online marketing agency.

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