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Simply enter a popular search term for your business and Google Trends will show you a graph showing the popularity of that term over a specific time period, broken down by month. By ramping up your marketing efforts during the time search volume is increasing, your business will have a prominent presence online when your customers have a high purchase intent. Tip 2 – Website statistics Use your own website statistics to discover seasonal trends in traffic patterns. If you have a website analytics tool install on your site, you already have a wealth of information at your disposal to help you spot seasonal trends in traffic patterns. Create monthly reports of how many visitors are coming to your site and extend the time frame to include at least the last two or three years of activity.

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You may notice that your website traffic tends to get a boost during the spring and summer season, or you may receive the majority of your visitors around Christmas. Whatever your traffic patterns, take note and use that information to develop a strategy that responds to these times of increas interest. Tip 3 – Supply and demand fluctuations Be aware of seasonal supply and demand Portugal Phone Number List fluctuations in online advertising rates. Online advertising rates also go through seasonal cycles. For example, it’s pretty much a given that if you want to pay for an ad placement on a major online portal like or, you’ll shell out more money during the holiday season than you would in January or February.

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The reason being that the holiday season is a time of increas online shopping activity and advertisers competing for impressions in a very crowd space. The laws of supply and demand are certainly accelerating due to the seasonal nature of online advertising and as the number of advertisers competing for virtual real estate continues to rise, clicks, impressions and search traffic become more valuable. This ultimately means TW Lists that you ne to factor in higher click costs and more expensive CPMs during the times when online advertising competition is highest in your particular niche.

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