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Start of link tag The start of the link tag is also call an anchor tag. This tag opens the link tag and lets web browsers and search engines know that there is a link to another page.  Target of referral ‘Href’ stands for ‘hyperlink referral’ and this part of the hyperlink contains the destination URL that the hyperlink points to.  Anchor text The text contain in this part of the hyperlink is the text that visitors can see on the web page. Once visitors click on this anchor text, they are rirect to the destination URL associat with that anchor text.

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Anchors are often specially formatt in a text so that they stand out and let the reader know that it is a hyperlink. There are many different types of anchor texts that all have a slightly different effect. You can read more about this in our link building glossary.  End of link tag The end of the link tag tells search Indonesia Phone Number List engines and web browsers that the hyperlink ends at this point. Why are hyperlinks important to search engines? Links are us by search engines in two ways: 1) to discover new pages that they can then show in search results and 2) to help determine how well a page should rank in the search results for a given query. After search engines crawl web pages, they can carefully index.

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The information from those pages and determine the extent to which a page is relevant and has enough authority to appear in search results. During this process, search engines not only look at the content offer on the pages, but also the number of links that refer to a page from external websites and the quality of these links are taken into account in the final judgment. So the bottom line is: the more quality links TW Lists that go to your website, the greater the chance that you will achieve a good position in the search results. Over the years, Google in particular has refin their algorithm for distinguishing between quality and irrelevant links.

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