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This makes everything easy to find and we can tell you: that is very pleasant as a marketer. As mention, Majestic focuses on detecting backlinks, but that is precisely the thing that MOZ is less good at. As far as we’re concern, that’s fine, because that way all our marketing tools are not rivals, but complement each other. MOZ is very suitable for marketers who have just start in online marketing and want to start simple. At Majestic we already discuss the Trust Flow; MOZ also has a metric built in, namely the Domain Authority. Unlike Majestic, MOZ does not only focus on backlinks, but on more than 200 different factors.

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Backlinks is one of them, but age, appearance and content also play a huge role. This also means that the DA is difficult to influence from the outside and it is a better reflection of how well your website actually ranks compar to El Salvador Phone Number List your competitors. Ahrefs: the all-rounder As mention, MOZ and Majestic balance each other out, but what else can Ahrefs add? Ahrefs is a true all-rounder who is prais by many for his crawlbot. This tool therefore has a very adequate database. The handy thing about Ahrefs is that backlink profiles can be analyz down to the smallest detail. All these detail are display in a convenient interface, which is easy to use. At Ahrefs you can easily see when which links have been add and which have been lost.

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Link building at Traffic Today Our team hopes that you have found this blog useful and that you have become curious about the possibilities of link building . Have you become curious about what this marketing tool can do for your company? Please contact us via our website or call usThe term link building is an often recurring term within online marketing, given TW Lists that backlinks are one of the three most important ranking factors of Google. Most online marketers are happy to build the backlink profile and put a lot of effort into getting good backlinks.

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