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You can generally share almost any length of video on but you can only share short videos up to seconds on . This social mia trend was brought to the world by : a platform that has experienc tremendous growth in a short period of time and is known for its short videos. Earlier we saw a response to this via the app and now follow suit. It seems to be catching on because short films are getting a lot of attention right now. We’ve also seen a lot of big channels enthusiastically participating. Short videos respond to the drop in attention span of social mia users: by offering videos of short duration many viewers are more inclin to click on them.

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How it works Any user can use . Of course you ne accounts but since your account is the same as your account let’s assume you already have . You can use different strategies for content publish as . For example, you can reuse old content but also choose to create content specifically for . We compare the two: Recycl Content Your social mia channels should be full of content. Cool visuals, catchy text, and videos are perfect for your fans. These videos can be easily reus even multiple times. If you have a ten-minute video you can extract a few scenes from it and upload Bulk SMS Portugal it as a short clip. This makes your snippet a kind of best snippet: viewers can instantly see what interesting content you’ve post before. You can easily attract viewers by adding a catchy title to your short videos.

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New Content You also have the option to post content made just for . This content is almost identical to what you post on . The only real difference is that they value authenticity and therefore prefer amateur videos. Not so: so your can be high quality. If you use this strategy, it’s important that you post relevant content whose message is crystal clear within the minute. Tips and tricks videos are a good example. Short videos can of course also TW Lists combine the two but make sure you have a good strategy after uploading your video. Since also appears in your followers’ Timelines, you can easily respond to current events and more.

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