To measure conversions, It’s a good idea to

Have a dicat landing page to receive traffic from email actions, or at least set up goal conversions in Google Analytics to track registrations generat through the email source, 9, Marketing automation Marketing automation 9,1, What is it: Like content marketing, marketing automation is another discipline that has gain prominence due to the popularity of inbound marketing, This is becauseas we describ, applying inbound involves starting conversations with people who are not yet at the point of purchase , and who ne to be nurtur and qualifi to understand their pain points and show interest in the companies’ solutions and products, And when we enter a scenario where a company captures.

Marketing automation is another discipline

Registrations per month, it becomes impossible to maintain an individual conversation with these leads, To solve this issue, marketing automation appear, It involves using tools like RD Station to optimize processes such as: categorize and segment leads; qualify leads (giving each one a score); identify interests, pains, and profile of each registration; send automatic emails, according to the lead’s  Latest database stage in the funnel; direct leads to the commercial, In other words, in practice, it’s about automating relationships with people who are interest in your company and its content.

Automation is sending emails

 Instead of doing this on the arm, automation allows this to be done automatically, 9,2, What is the objective: Although the core of Automation is sending emails, this discipline is relatively more complex than email marketing, as it nes to consider other important processes for this type of action to work: lead scoring; relationship ruler; lead segmentation; email templates; automation flows; systems integration, All of this, naturally, has greater potential than simply sending emails , as the productivity gain is much greater, Still, the objectives are not far from those Tw Lists  describ in specific email actions: sales: starting and maintaining a conversation with the lead to direct them to sales; relationship: starting and sustaining.

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