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But the text in the advertisement itself is also expand considerably. The description no longer consists of 80 characters, but can be expand to 180 in total. This not only gives you the opportunity to immiately offer Google visitors as much information as possible about your product or service, but you can also provide a lot more information. lost in the text. And that offers opportunities. Opportunities that we would like to help you exploit. Expansion in 2016 Google first expand its search ads two years ago. Advertisements then grew by which translat into a significant increase in click-through rates CTR: advertisers saw these increase by no less than 20%. With another expansion of about 50%, this development in.

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Google search ads is just as significant as that in 2016, and we are very curious what this will yield for you as our customer. Will your CTR also increase by 20%? We will get to work for you Of course, as a customer you don’t have to do anything for this. Our Google Ads specialists will get to work for you. They will test the larger search ads in the coming period to see whether the development will lead to just as good Lebanon Phone Number List results as was the case in 2016. In any case, expectations are high. We aim to increase your visibility, provide users with even more information about your products or services and thus take full advantage of this developmentSteven Lubbers Traffic Today and Sander Geels A-Players have been invit to visit Google Dublin this month.

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This visit was all about innovations, display targeting and other online marketing relat matters. “Anouk de Jong, Agency Development Manager at Google welcom us. She gave us a tour of the impressive building. We talk about new developments and how we can take our strategic partnership as a partner to a higher level, so that the quality of our services remains extremely high compar TW Lists to the national average. In addition to the fact that we are always actively working on this ourselves, Google also supports us and our customers in this.

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