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A vertical marketplace focuses on a specific niche – and there is still enough space on the market for this type of online marketplace! For example, if your company specializes in outdoor activities, such as camping gear or travel bottles, look for a marketplace that focuses specifically on travelers.  Artificial Intelligence will play an even bigger role The largest AI implementation within e-commerce is the chatbot. This software ensures that customers can be help with the (standard) questions they encounter. Technology has not stood still in recent years and chatbots are also becoming more and more advanc. This ensures an optimal customer experience with the main focus on a customer-first approach.

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However, Artificial Intelligence within e-commerce and marketplaces is not limit to chatbots, things such as personal suggestions bas on shop history and the analysis of the best sales channels are also realiz with this technology.  Payment methods will expand With the rise of online wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, the ne for complementary payment Bulk SMS Pakistan methods is increasing. To make things as easy as possible for consumers, as a marketplace you want to adapt the payment process to the preferences of buyers. Afterpay options such as Klarna are also gaining popularity. As an entrepreneur, it may therefore be wise to select a partner marketplace that offers sufficient payment options.

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An omnichannel sales strategy is leading Omnichannel sales means that the sales process takes place through various channels. This makes the experience as seamless as possible and ensures increas loyalty from visitors who actually make a purchase. Moreover, a marketplace can remain top of mind in this way; advertisements and updates are display on various channels, constantly reminding customers of this. 6 | Shoppable videos drive higher sales Did you know TW Lists that you can now emb product links in videos? When customers watch video ads and a product comes along that appeals to them, they can click on it directly if there is a link behind it.

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