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 And, of course!, students who, without being the most outstanding under the classic approach to qualifications, then show true talent to perform professionally, obtaining good positions, timely promotions, and also demonstrating mark leadership qualities. Any prejudice towards these skills is overthrown not only with empirical evidence, but also with scientifically bas studies . Among them, perhaps the best known were those l by Daniel Goleman, a professor at Harvard University and author of Emotional Intelligence , an organiz academic effort to correlate business results and traits of certain soft skills among executives at 200 global companies.

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That first study at the end of the nineties was follow by another with 3,000 senior managers, always from global companies, to determine the different leadership profiles and their appropriate application according to organizational circumstances. As Goleman points out, “as you climb positions in an organizational chart, the amount of time invest in mobilizing, communicating and negotiating with other people, versus the application business database of technical skills, increases.” Quite clear. It is worth focusing part of our training on them.I met the cholo Vallejo standing in line to get ten popular Aprista pancitos, the ones that burn in the oven door, but you still excitly took them to the family table as a trophy for the stoicism that one had to have for almost three hours to hit a ticket.

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Which provid the right of admission to the heat of that poorly mold flour. A 13-year-old comrade (that’s how old he was) exchang with me the complete poetry of the cholo vallejo for a novel of TW Lists the human comy . It was true that until that moment my school knowlge had not gone beyond “i will die in paris in a downpour” and that hatr of god that i felt to share in solidarity with him and all the peruvians of that painfully vallejian historical moment, the respective photograph of the chin held by the hand and stopp counting.

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