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The Search Advocate recently shar some key insights that are sure to help you further optimize your website. These insights can be group into the following categories: Ranking Factors, Top Content, Technical, and General. We’ll bring you the most important insights for each category. Ranking Factors Number of Ranking Factors Ranking factors determine where your website is plac. Google in the past said there would be “multiple factors” but they now say that’s misleading and gives the wrong impression of how its algorithm works. That’s why they want to stay away from that number. Backlinks Another factor that is important to your rankings are backlinks. But it doesn’t matter how many backlinks you have, more important is their quality.

It Is Important For Companies

You can have hundrs of low-quality backlinks but high-quality backlinks will have a greater impact. Focus more on quality than quantity when spending on link building. Regularly Update Content One way to rank is to regularly update the content on your pages. But you have to make major changes to get better rankings. If you just change the date it will have no effect. But if you update your existing content and make meaningful changes it will definitely have a positive Bulk SMS Iran impact on your rankings. Content optimization is therefore a relatively simple but certainly indispensable step. Duplicate Content Duplicate content should not directly negatively affect your rankings because it is important to realize that sometimes certain information is shar in multiple places.

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But we notic that this works differently in practice. Google does it in such a way that they themselves see which page is the best fit so that your pages will compete with each other and rank lower. Website Description The appearance of your website can also affect your ranking. The better your website looks the more likely people are to stay which is also a bonus from Google. So don’t just provide good content, but also pay enough attention to the appearance of the website. Also present the TW Lists content in an attractive manner. Word count has no effect on your ranking as long as you include relevant information.

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