This is more common in B2C and retail

This is more common in B2C and retail businesses, such as clothing stores, personal trainers, healthcare professionals, beauty professionals, etc, These are organizations whose product is very close to the entertainment context , And for that reason, connecting with the person using Instagram on your cell phone is easier, But when we talk about B2B or even B2C businesses with more complex sales or not link to entertainment, the social network is unlikely to bring sales results, But it can bring brand results, So, if your segment is relat to entertainment and/or products with a short sales cycle, it is possible to invest in social.

Measuring engagement per post may be

Networks to generate sales, But if that’s not your case, getting on social mia will probably bring a return in engagement and branding, and your company will ne the other actions describ here (performance-orient) to bring in sales, 7,4, How to measure the result: Like other digital tools, social networks typically offer a lot of data that can be monitor: likes; comments; shares; engagement; relevance; among others, The point is, as we are talking about intangible aspects, each company nes to establish its priority and how to measure it, For new data example, if the objective is to stay in the minds of your audience, measuring engagement per post may be interesting to evaluate and optimize your social mia work, 8, Email marketing.

Email marketing – which is also

What is it: Email marketing – which is also a common discipline for everyone – is today one of the most undervalu and underutiliz digital marketing actions that a company can do, Some reasons to attest to these facts: everyone uses email; free email tools offer clear performance numbers (opens, clicks, etc,); Segmenting an email base is relatively simple and the tools help a lot with this; users don’t mind giving their email address, because they have control of their inbox (mark spam or unsubscribe? Easy!), The big problem is that today email marketing is an analogue of street leafleting, It’s cheap, it’s easy to do and it takes no effort to get start, This causes most companies to rely on inefficient strategies, such as: buy email bases; send the same email to the entire base; send Tw Lists emails in image format; not working well with the email title; not measuring email performance; send without a reply contact, In other words.

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