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On the other hand, due to its geological wealth and the vast natural resources available to the country such as iron, coal, gold and oil, the mining industry is diverse. Secondary Activities in Brazil Secondary activities play a key role in the country’s economy as it is the second largest industry on the African continent after the Unit States. For its part, the industrial sector is diverse and stands out in the production of automobiles, machinery, chemical products, cement, and steel. It is also one of the world’s leading producers of hydroelectric power.

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Higher ucation activity in Brazil Finally, the tertiary sector employs two-thirds of the country’s workforce. Prominent services are commerce, tourism, transportation, financial services, hotels, and telecommunications. Opportunities in the Brazilian market According to data extract from the Brazilian government is pushing to open up the country for business. Major investment projects include transport infrastructure. Energy Investments in particular solar and wind power. Oil Gas and Mining. Management of water and environmental resources. Municipal Bulk SMS Qatar offers Sanitation Distribution companies Schools Nurseries Retail trade Fashion and quality food industry opportunities. tourism. car. agriculture. Spanish companies in Brazil Spanish companies enter Brazil late but strongly.

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The size and development potential of the market have always been the fundamental reasons for Spanish businessmen to settle in. According to a survey conduct by the President in cooperation with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Brazil, these are some of the recommendations businessmen offer to those considering investing in the region. Being such a large country there are big differences between regions and different markets. That is why it is important TW Lists to know it on the spot in order to choose the field of action according to the capabilities of each company.

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