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This ensures that the caption replaces the Alt tag. Site map images Another option to rank higher in Google Images is to create a separate sitemap. Here you can list the images you have online. High quality images A picture paints a thousand words. A beautiful image says even more. If you want to be found via Google Images, it is important that you stand out among the other images. So always choose good quality images. Don’t you currently have beautiful images of your company or your products? Then hire a photographer. It may be an investment, but you can really use your images for a lot of things. This way your website immiately looks a lot slicker and you can also use many photos for social mia.

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The loading time of your website The larger the images on your website, the longer it takes for the image to load on your website. This does not benefit Google’s findability , because it has a negative influence on the ranking in the search results. So make sure that you do not place your images too large on your website. There are various online tools that Argentina Phone Number List you can use for this, such as Pixlr itor, but it is also possible to do this with Photoshop. Please note that your image should not be too small, a website visitor should still be able to see what is being shown without taking a magnifying glass. Lossless compress Lossless image compression means that you ruce the file size of images without sacrificing quality.

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This therefore contributes to a better loading time of images. There are several tools available for this, such as: File types Everyone knows JPEG and PNG files. These are great files to store your images with. Still, JPEG and PNG files can take up a bit more space than certain other file types. A good example is WebP. This file type is on average smaller than PNG and to smaller than JPEG. WebP TW Lists is support by of all browsers. It is therefore important to know that not everyone can immiately load the images.

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