Therefore Focus On Visibility

This means that you score an average of 9.0 or higher. It naturally stimulates conversion if you as a seller have a golden label and the competition does not. When the same product is offer on several times, a lister page is display. On this page, consumers can easily compare providers bas on price, delivery and rating. A gold label is of course worth even more. A buying block Okay, let’s say you have a good performance score, but what’s the point of this? The power of the performance score lies in its consequence. A good performance score has an influence on the buying block. The buying block is the place you want as a supplier: this is the first thing that is shown when a customer is looking for an item. Of course I don’t have to explain why this stimulates conversion.

Towards The Target

In addition to the performance score or service score, the buying block is determin by two other variables: The price The delivery promise For, the price is an indicator. It is therefore important to offer products with a competitive price. But not only the price determines the position. The delivery Albania Phone Number List promise also plays an important role in this area. This checks whether you actually realize the promise you make, in short, do you deliver within the period that you promise? The extent to which these variables weigh differs per product category. looks at customer behavior, after which adjustments are made to the weighting factors.

Group That Is More

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By looking in the ‘Performance’ menu in the sales account, you quickly get an overview of your scores. Optimizing then becomes child’s play, because you know what you ne to change for a better score! Performance | TrafficToday Lister page As I briefly explain just now, consumers can easily compare items from different buyers. That is why it is important to fall for this and to distinguish yourself, for which we have some tips: Content optimization TW Lists Promot products and advertisements Optimizing the buying block Bol Select Price Reviews In addition, it is important to understand consumer search behavior on trading platforms.

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