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This means that as an entrepreneur you can decide to keep your stock and shipping in-house and only use the discount on shipping stamps as a bol. Com partner. You can also choose to keep the stock in-house but leave the shipping to Your product is pick up by a delivery person and deliver to the customer. As a last option, you can outsource storage, shipping and returns to This relieves you from A to Z and makes optimal use of the knowlge and expertise of the platform. How do my products become easy to find? considers it important to provide its customers with good service.

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To put the customer and its relevance first, the emphasis at is on performance. As a business seller, you must show that you provide the right service. How do you do that? Through a good performance score. The performance score of is an overall score that you receive as a seller on your account. It shows how service orient you are. Even if you think this might not be very important, it definitely is. Do you Afghanistan Phone Number List not meet the requir service level? Then your products will be shown lower between the results and you will miss out on sales. Enough reasons to focus on the performance score! The advice is to look at the four different pillars of the performance score. Here are the following four points: Reviews % products deliver on time % cancellations Track Trace.

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The requir service level of products deliver on time is 98%, which means that 98% of your shipp products must be deliver on time. Are you unable to achieve this percentage? Then you get a lower performance score, which has a negative impact on the buy block. Service standards also apply to the other three factors: Assessments: the grade must be at least an 8.0 Cancellations: The cancellation rate must be below 2% Track & Trace: all items must contain TW Lists a track & trace code Do you score well on all these points? Then a good performance score becomes reality. In addition, you can get a ‘gold label’ through very good reviews.

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