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We will dive deeper into the matter in this section, and map out a number of points that you should pay attention to when you get start with improving the page spe. HT releas a new version for the standard protocol. Happroaches a number of points in a smarter way than. In this case we discuss the effects on spe. One of the important advantages of. His request multiplexing, which means that multiple data requests are bundl and sent over TCP connection. Heavier websites often have to deal with a large number of requests that are made to the server to load a page.

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The disadvantage of this is that servers often give a limit to the number of requests that can be made to a server at the same time. In short, this means that you load a part of the page before you can load the next part of the site. Thanks to you can load multiple files at the same time, which looks like this: Other benefits of HTT are:Request header compression Binary protocol. ServerPush HOL blocking Head-of-line Package blocking between. Pictures Images remain one of the heaviest files load on a web page. Nowadays there are many possibilities to Uruguay Phone Number Listcompress images and/or offer them in new file formats. You can do the following things about it. Lossless image compression Lossless image compression means that you ruce the file size of images without sacrificing quality.

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There are several tools available for this, such as: useful for mac Use modern image file types Nowadays, there are better alternatives available for images than the standard JPEG and PNG files. A good example of this is WebP, which is on average smaller than PNG and to smaller than JPEG. WebP is now support by of all browsers, so keep in TW Lists mind that not everyone can load the image immiately. An appropriate solution for this is to build in a fallback option for unsupport browsers. In this case an alternative variant JPEG or PNG will be load.

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