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Make use of reviews No matter how loudly you shout that your brand and your products are the best, your customers will probably only believe this when you provide proof. And you provide this proof with reviews. When you add reviews to your product pages or even your overall webshop, you provide social proof. Other buyers trust your brand and products and even recommend it to other buyers; You couldn’t ask for better advertising. However, you will probably have to actively search for reviews. For example, use your mailing list to ask buyers who have recently made a purchase to post a review about their purchas product in exchange for a discount on the next purchase. Reviews are mainly about trust.

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The more buyers express their trust in your brand, the greater the chance that new buyers will adopt this trust. That is exactly what a strong e-commerce strategy is all about. reviews – good e-commerce strategy 10. Get into partnerships By entering into partnerships, your brand awareness and turnover can increase significantly. For example, look for partners with a complementary target group: sports drinks and Hong Kong Phone Number List gyms, personal care products and hotels – collaborations that reinforce each other. Do you have a number of partners ti to you? Then experiment! Promotions, discounts, exclusive deals, you can hardly think of it without finding a collaboration that yields the desir result for both parties.

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In addition, it is also interesting to see whether it is possible to enter into a partnership with a marketplace. This allows you to easily display and sell your products on an external platform. This will give you ‘free’ exposure and, over time, also orders. For example, do you want to sell your products via Then check out the Selling via blog and we’ll explain step by step what you ne to do. 11. Try out a subscription form The TW Lists subscription form is an e-commerce strategy that is being us more and more. Where previously mainly telecom companies us subscriptions, there are now numerous entrepreneurs who also use a subscription form for their company in socks, underpants, razor blades, facial care, toothbrushes and so on.

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