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 I continue to collaborate as a faculty member of professional web designers. I was approached this year by several marketing agencies to help them get through the work rush, including a well-known digital business entrepreneur, though I ended up not being able to do anything with any of them due to lack of time. I gave a couple of talks related to digital business and web design, but

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Since it was a more bizarre year than green dog, we spent most of new database our time inside four walls, so I only attended twice.: the first speech was held on the month of #(lacoruny) . There I discussed how to design an attractive and effective website. Reinventing yourself in a digital-age virtual conference: the second is an online event where I discuss the most important aspects to consider when building a digital business.

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 The event was organised by curry morales and I am very grateful for his trust in me.《the event was attended by celebrities such as juanmi and billie sastre, who had 》. A big thank you to the organizers for inviting this humble web designer. Refreshing my business record until this TW Lists year, my vision for my business was more of a rather serious hobby that generates revenue, but as I grew up, I thought about doing it more seriously.

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