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At the moment it is no more than an experiment and only available on mobile in America, but it has already been announc that the experiment will also be test on computers. Personally, I think it won’t be long before Twitter posts will be fully integrat into search results, as both parties can benefit greatly from this collaboration. When Twitter messages are fully integrat within the search results, I think that would be interesting for entrepreneurs! Which entrepreneur does not want to be able to see in real time what is going on with his or her target group, interact and respond to this by, for example, using advertisements on trending topics.

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Creating a bond between company and consumer is essential in online marketing and this collaboration takes a big step in being able to convey “the right message at the right time”.Today is Blue Monday, or ‘the most depressing day of the year’. However, this is not entirely true, because for many companies it is actually a positive day. Because with a good strategy you Kuwait Phone Number List can generate more turnover today. Curious how you as a company respond to Blue Monday? Blue Monday hype You probably haven’t miss it: today is Blue Monday. There’s even a formula for where that shows with components such as the weather, fail resolutions, and debt. Still, we should take this formula with a grain of salt.

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Blue Monday originat as a smart marketing trick from the PR agency Porter Novelli. On January this day was creat as a marketing trick for the travel agency Sky Travel. The aim of this marketing campaign was that more consumers would book a trip with this agency. Because a holiday cheers everyone up, doesn’t it? Mia De marketingstunt was zo’n succes dat Blue Monday wereldwijd door de mia werd overgenomen. Naast dat diverse reisbureaus inspeelden op Blue Monday, zagen ook TW Lists veel andere brijven een kans om op deze dag in te haken. Want als er een manier is om potentiële klanten op te vrolijken, dan pak je deze kans toch? Een slimme marketingtruc Blue Monday behoort tot één van de populairste dagen van het jaar om je online winkelwagentje te vullen.

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